All innovation is driven by an ideal, a what if........

What if a simple, uniquely modulated wavelength of light could do what the pharmaceutical industry cannot do, improve intellectual function and prevent the development of dementia?

Some of the most profound human innovations are incredibly simple in their design, viz. the wheel, the first radio which now could be built by many children with an interest in science and electricity, electricity itself generated by passing a wire through a magnetic field, the list is long...

The pharmaceutical industry has been promising a break through in the field of dementia and ageing for decades with little concrete success.

Trans-cranial phototherapy has the support of a significant body of basic science research conducted by Durham University.

The light sources used in the CerebroLite helmet are certified to be safe.

The Cerebrolite Helmet is owned and manufactured by Maculume Ltd and is based in Spennymoor County Durham.

This innovative helmet emits rays of near Infrared Light, which is invisible to the naked eye. This light penetrates the skull to the brain tissue beneath. This process is known as Trans Cranial Phototherapy. The laboratory research suggests this may have a rejuvenating effect.

CerebroLite evaluation study

Whilst many people notice that as they age their cognitive function declines, finding they are not as ‘sharp’ as they used to be, walking into a room only to forget why they are there can be irritating and at times worrying.

This is why we are testing the Cerebrolite helmet on Healthy Individuals aged 45 years or more.

The purpose of this study is to identify if the technology has a positive effect upon age related intellectual impairment (memory loss). Therefore participants may receive an active helmet, or a placebo helmet. You will not know which type of helmet you have until after completion of your trial period.


The Cerebrolite is safe for its intended use and to date has been used extensively in USA.

Please contact us for more information either by phone or email.

We are using 2 assessment tools for the study, both of which have been professionally validated:

1.       Stroop

2.      ANAM (USA FDA approved)


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